Aquanova's Certifications


  • Aquanova purifiers are all produced observing the decrees of OMS and the strictest international and italian laws of quality.


  • More hygene and maximum safety thanks to purification of the water you drink.


  • Quality is offered by the most modern filtration systems: reverse osmosis, microfiltration and UV. Every system is the synthesis of technologic evolution, in respect of the norms and CE certificates.


  • Unlikely the old purifier, ours are installed to the water supply network and they offer all the water you need, without the fear of being out of water.



Certificazioni Depurazione - Dekra
DEKRA Certification is an independent corporation of Certification; it offers services of certification and management and training courses for the principal market's sections.
Certificazioni Depurazione - NSF
NFS certification, according to IFS Standard, is quickly becoming a fundamental requirement because requested by a lot of european retail stores.
Certificazioni Depurazione - UL GS
GS is a volunteer mark of safety, considered a symbol of quality and reliability in Germany and Europe.
Certificazioni Depurazione - UL
UL is a global independent organization leader of science and safety, able to offer its experience in five important sections: Product Safety, Environment, Life & Health, Knowledge Services e Verification Services.
Certificazioni Depurazione - Water Quality
Water Quality is an organization that deals with physical, chemical, biologic and radiologic characteristics of water. It's an american association formed by manufacturers, suppliers and distributors of industrial equipment. Its role is to sensitize people about the quality of water.
Certificazioni Depurazione - D
"D" is a certification which verifies the quality of food and drinks and their production processes.
Certificazione Depurazione - Ministero della salute
Ministero della Salute is the central authority of the italian national sanitary service, which is in charge of protecting people's health.
Certificazioni Depurazione - CE
CE mark reveals compliance of every duty of manufacturers about their products according to EU Directives, allowing commercialization of marked products in the european market.
Certificazione Depurazione - TUV-GS
TÜV is a group of german certification companies for system management of nutrition and environmental safety and for company management quality.